Design, Arrangements, and Monument Preservation

We connect cross-generational tradition and modern technology

We specialize in end-to-end projects in the areas of architecture and interior design, daring construction projects, and monument preservation.

We support our customers at all stages, from idea visualization to managing and coordinating complex realizations in accordance with global management standards. We also design and create decorations, including paintings, carpentry, and molding, which involve innovative materials of our own recipe. We are experts in monument preservation, an occupation that spans two generations within our company. Contact us to make your dreams a reality.

Our Services

Monument Conservation Studio

We have been operating in monument conservation for 20 years. Our main specialization is the preservation of sculptures and molding, however, we also work with the best experts in polychromies and wood.

Designs and Arrangements Studio

We design and create arrangements throughout Europe for individual and institutional customers. Their common feature is an appreciation of the canons of art and the quality of custom-made designs.


In order to ensure the feasibility of our custom designs, we continuously work on and improve new technologies and construction and decoration materials, like concrete and polyurethanes.

Our Studio

Art Inventis

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Art Inventis

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We Connect Cross-Generational Tradition and Modern Technology